Billy Ray Cyrus Just Teased A Hannah Montana Reboot And OMG

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“I have a feeling it might”

Hold onto your wigs (Miley Cyrus, we’re literally talking to you).

Billy Ray Cyrus has just teased a Hannah Montana reboot, and now it’s impossible to think about anything else.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight Canada, the Old Town Road singer reflected on the success of the Disney show and suggested it could be coming back in the near future.

“I have a feeling it might. It could. Everything is possible,” he shared.

“Certainly worth thinking about. It sounds like fun to me. I’ve always wanted like a prequel.

If rebooted, Hannah Montana would be following the lead from other popular shows like Full House, The Hills and Gossip Girl which are currently being remade.

Another Disney Channel classic, That’s So Raven, was also rebooted as Raven’s Home in 2017, so it would make sense that the company would try to bring back another of their most popular shows.

Miley Cyrus also sparked rumours of a Hannah Montana reboot earlier this year, claiming that her former alter-ego was the inspiration behind her new hairstyle with long blonde hair and full fringe.

“It was so hard going back and forth that I decided I’ll just be Hannah forever,” the former Disney star said on Instagram.

Now that she’s got the hair ready, fingers crossed that the Hannah Montana reboot comes true!


Written By Lachlan Guertin

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