Bazzi Tries To Guess Aussie Slang And CRIKEY!

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Think you can correctly guess these phrases?

Not only is Bazzi an incredible artist with hits like Mine and Paradise, but he’s now also an honorary Aussie because of his girlfriend.

To see just how much his Australian partner has influenced him, Smallzy put him to the test and made him translate popular Aussie slang words and phrases.

Surprisingly, he did pretty well!

His girlfriend shouldn’t be too ‘devo’ about the result…

Bazzi gave the 411 on how he met his girlfriend, and good on them for sticking through their relationship long-distance!

Turns out Bazzi visits Australia more than you think!

The last time Bazzi was on Smallzy’s Surgery, he revealed that he had recently bought a Bentley.

Of course, Smallzy had to follow this up and see what other cars the US pop star has added to his collection!


Written By Lachlan Guertin

“I’m going to get killed for saying this”

“It’s her personal life, that’s for sure.”