Gogglebox stars have ripped on MAFS and we're here for it

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We love Gogglebox for starring your average Aussie legends, just as much as we love MAFS for spotlighting pretty much the opposite kind of human. 

“Shameless fans” of MAFS and Gogglebox’s resident eye candies, Adam and Symon, threw their two hilarious cents into the MAFS judging circle during their interview on Chrissie Sam & Browny this morning. 

Adam pretty much blew our minds with this accurate AF observational side note, musing: “The last time I heard the name Bronson was the bloke on Round The Twist.”

Unless you grew up under a rock (or in any country other than Australia), the OG Bronson starred in the late ‘80s production of famed children’s author Paul Jennings’ whacked-out family fantasy. 



For those who missed out on one of the great joys of Aussie childhood, don’t fret, the show is available in all its retro glory on Netflix. 

Chrissy had a different take on the groom’s name, suggesting “Bronson sounds like a Rottweiler that’s just looking for a new home.” Ouch. 

Moving the conversation onto possibly the cruellest MAFS bride ever, Symon placed his bets on Ines’ sour attitude being the real deal.

“Even to put it on she’s the world’s best actress, isn’t she? That is hard to do - to be that mean and not crack a single smile.”

“If you were meeting her, I would be keeping like 20 meters away, but even then I’m coppin’ a greasy that’s just cutting right through me,” Adam chimed in. 

Cut to a grab of the offending sourpuss having another whinge about Bronson’s (seriously discreet) eyebrow ring, the boys noted that her metaphor - “Eyebrow rings are so Britney Spears having a mental breakdown 2000” - was incorrect.  

“[Britney] didn’t have an eyebrow ring even when she had a meltdown,” Symon noted. 


“She had a shaved head and an umbrella but no eyebrow ring. If you’re gonna be cruel and nasty, at least be accurate.”

Written By Brynn Davies