Mark From MAFS: 'We Were Sleeping Together...'

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Oh, hang on, not like that...

After last night's brutal Married At First Sight episode, we spoke to newly single Mark about his experience with Ning, who he unceremoniously dumped.

We asked Mark about his time with Ning, and what it would have taken to keep it going.

Mark explained to us that he and Ning agreed that they wouldn't be meeting each other's kids, out of fairness to them, and when Chrissie suggested it wasn't necessary as they weren't even sleeping together, Mark scared us by saying 'we WERE sleeping together...' before adding 'not intimately.' What are you playing at, Mark? Why??

We also asked Mark if he's going to 'let the dogs out' now he's single...


Listen to the full chat here:

Written By Andy Zito

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