Heidi from MAFS reveals the disturbing 'testing' carried out to match couples!

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What the hell?

We caught up with Married At First Sight bride (and great friend of Chrissie's) Heidi Latcham this morning about her on-screen wedding to Michael, and one of the most interesting and disturbing things we learned about the matching process of the show is just how far they take the 'science'.

If you don't know what 'pheromones' are, they're basically a chemical substance produced by animals (such as humans) that are excreted to affect or change the behaviour of another. For example, humans might put out pheromones through their sweat when they find someone attractive, and the other human might smell that (even subconsciously) and think 'oh, I'm into that' or 'nah, not for me'.

So, why am I banging on about this?

It turns out that Heidi had to wear a t-shirt to bed for a week, and then it was given to Michael (amongst others) to see if they had any reaction to her pheromones. It turns out all the contestants were given pheromone tests in the lead up to finding their partner.


Listen to Heidi's reaction:

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