Married At First Sight spoiler: Anthony reportedly dumps “heartbroken” Nadia

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According to reports by New Idea, Anthony has “ruthlessly” dumped model Nadia

Last night during the commitment ceremony on Married At First Sight, we saw a harmonious, happy couple in Nadia and Anthony.

They both chose to stay, and they both seemed pretty content.

But all of that has been upset by a headline this morning from New Idea, explaining Nadia has been left heartbroken after

Anthony “ruthlessly” broke up with her - without explanation.

According to the tabloid, a “source” revealed just days after the couple announced they were “smitten, and keen to continue their relationship” - the racing broadcaster up and left.

The insider revealed -

“She was heartbroken”.

Adding -

“She had no idea it was coming and was completely confused.”

37-year-old Nadia has apparently been left in tears, as it was “clear” she’d “fallen in love”.

The insider also added -

“It becomes very emotional after she accuses him of being a fake.”

Written By Emily Whitham

"You have to be aware of the message you're sending..."

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