Love vs lust: Body language experts predict the Bachelor winner

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The Bachelor

Because Bachelor Richie struggles a little with the English language, we’ve become used to detecting subtle variations in his adorably wooden body language in order to gauge his true feelings.

Now real-life body language experts have weighed in on which teary blonde in Richie’s harem truly holds his heart.

After analysing footage of Richie pashing several of his favourites on romantic dates in front of a camera crew, they were unable to differentiate any preference from words alone - Richie’s vocab is limited to the words “incredible”, “amazing” and “absolutely gorgeous”.

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The Bachelor

His ripped bod, however, tells a different story. Here’s Perth Millionaire Matchmaker Louanne Ward on Richie’s different dynamic with frontrunners Alex and Nikki, as told to the Daily Mail:

“Lust versus emotion this is how I see the difference between Alex and Nikki. He is super attracted to Alex in a very physical way. When they were in the dress shop and sitting on the couch talking he had one leg over the knee exposing the genitals, looking her up and down, always trying to get close to her.”

The Bachelor

Damien Diecke, Head Coach at the School Of Attraction, concurred that when it comes to Alex, Richie is blinded by absolutely incredibly amazing gorgeousness:

“He complimented her all over the place - way too much, he really wants Alex to like him - when she was trying on clothes. He was rubbing his hands nervously and shifting from foot to foot showing he was definitely enamoured and not sure how to respond.”

The Bachelor

Louanne says Nikki, by comparison, hits young Rich right in the feelings.

“With Nikki he displays a more emotional connection. He is comfortable around her and likes to protect her. Guiding her into her seat, touching her leg. When they finished kissing, pushing her hair off her face several times indicating he wants to keep touching. He is enamoured by her vulnerability and feels more masculine and in control in her company.

The Bachelor

The Bachelor

Don’t get too cosy though - Damien still reckons there’s no true frontrunner.

“Rich is still more fond of Alex - it's all in the fact that he's a lot less smooth around Alex than Nikki.”

The Bachelor

So our experts are divided - guess it all hangs on whether Richie will think with his heart, or his cool banana! We’re sweating bullets waiting on this verdict.

At least we know where he stands with Keira - no body language expert required:

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