OneRepublic Made Nova's Red Room Stop And Stare

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They just wowed Sydney as the headline act for the pre-match entertainment at the NRL Grand Final. 

World-renowned American band, OneRepublic left fans with goosebumps with their live performance in Nova's Red Room at The Esplanade Hotel.  

It's okay to freak out - 'cause we were.

The guys literally made us Stop And Stare when they jumped on stage to start their set with the 2007 classic. There was nothing but superstar energy happening live in front of the audience while they watched in awe as the guys played Love Runs Out, their latest smash hit - Wanted and Something I Need.

Ryan dove a little deeper into the "pub song":

"It's the kind of song where it doesn't matter who you are - race, colour, age - if it comes on at closing time everybody sings it and you don't have to be sober to sing it." 

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Fans sung along with lead vocalist Ryan Tedder, the man behind basically all of your favourite songs. No seriously, think of a song - he probably wrote it; Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love, Adele's Rumour Has It, Taylor Swift's I Know Places plus so many more including Beyoncé's Halo and The Jonas Brother's Sucker which fans were treated to hearing tonight. 

"[Halo] was like the third or forth song or single that I wrote for somebody else and at the time I was just extremely excited that this person recorded it and I never thought in a million years that I would sing it."

OneRepublic was joined by Thandi Phoenix to sing Halo where he sings it three keys higher than Beyoncé:

"Which means I sing higher than most girls." 

We literally lost ourselves in Ryan's voice as he belted out Lose Myself and even though there was no teleporting of Timbaland, we were all transported back to 2009 when we heard the familiar bars of Apologise. Which, fun fact are the same chords as Sam Smith's Stay With Me:

"I'm not saying he stole the chords but draw your own conclusions, you're smart Melbourne," Ryan joked.

To finish off the night, when we thought we heard all of the classics and had no more voices left Counting Stars lifts us back up to finish with a bang!

Now THAT'S how you Nova's Red Room.

Written By Christina Cavaleri

The party's definitely NOT over.

Aussie musicians are absolutely killing it. 

We've got a crush.