MAGIC! // Nova’s Red Room

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Warning: listening to the guys of MAGIC! in Nova's Red Room may cause you to move.

Their catchy tune 'Rude' became a viral music sensation in 2014, and now MAGIC! is back. The music video for the first single off the quartet's sophomore album 'Lay You Down Easy' featuring Sean Paul has already racked up over 10 million views on YouTube. 

And they're hoping for the same magic (we had to!) with their second single 'Red Dress'. The track, according to the group’s songwriter and singer Nasri Atweh, is about a girl who takes forever to get ready for a date. By the time she's ready and looking smokin' in a red dress, the guy forgets his hunger and is only interested in ripping her clothes off.


The reggae-pop band performed the song along with their original, 'Rude', in Nova's Red Room. 

Here's them performing 'Rude':

And the new 'Red Dress':

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
Cassandra Sainsbury

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