Zara has changed their logo and we are NOT okay

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Change is the worst. 

Show us a company who claim to have changed their logo with no pushback/Twitter-led existentialism and we'll show you a room full of liars.

One look at what happened for BP, Gap, Kraft, Pepsi and Starbucks, and even we know logo changes? Big Deal.

Enter: Zara.

The European clothing giant have unveiled their Fancy New Logo and while we're honestly onboard with a refresh, it would appear social media - shock! horror! - has some strong feelings about the whole thing.

And Twitter, in all their petty, joke-happy wisdom, have come out swinging the hardest:

^^^ a very popular consensus.

But that's not all. 

Social media users also took aim at the clothing brands' bargain bin look come sale time (i.e. pure chaos) and "claustrophobic" new logo.

According to Fast Company, the redesign is the product of firm Baron & Baron with owner Fabien Baron, well known in the biz for using compressed and overlapping spacing in fonts and logos.


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