You’re more likely to get a Tinder match if you live in these Sydney suburbs

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To swipe right or not to swipe right

For some people, Tinder is a place to go for a LOL. 

Just gone through a breakup? Jump on Tinder, swipe through all the idiots to remind yourself your ex isn’t the only idiot. 

Having a low self esteem day? Jump on Tinder for a quick compliment (or sometimes an unsolicited peen-pick which is less fun). 

Wanna check in on a friends boyfriend? Jump on Tinder for a stalk-fest. 

Or maybe you’re drinking wine alone. Tinder’s got your back. 

It might all seem like fun and games but to for the people using the app to actually find love, sometimes it can feel like more games and less fun. 

So how do you cut through the BS? 

Well the latest evidence from Tinder themselves (it’s very scientific and very legit, clearly) says it may come down to where you live. 

And it’s not the city that’s raking in those matches are the ‘burbs. 

Yep, the Sydney suburbs getting the most (swiping) action are: 

  1. Wetherill Park
  2. Bondi Beach
  3. North Sydney
  4. Parramatta
  5. Gymea
  6. Ryde
  7. Kogarah
  8. Sydney CBD
  9. Burwood
  10. Maroubra
  11. Caringbah
  12. Bankstown
  13. Miranda
  14. Brighton-Le-Sands
  15. Manly

The west is getting a lot of action with Parramatta, Ryde and Burwood coming in hot. 

Oh and Wetherill Park (of all places) at a casual no.1. 

We’re not so sure on the logic behind the stats but the numbers don't lie. 

So maybe living at home (or moving back in) isn’t so bad after all. 

If the matches don't pull through at least you’ll have fresh sheets and clean underwear and that’s close to true love, right? 

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