You Can Score Some Serious Moolah If You Guess Pringles’ New Flavour

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It’s a legit mystery 

Pringles are the Arnotts Shapes of the chip world. 

They come in different (can) colours, flavours and people have very strong opinions about which Pringles are the best Pringles. 

It’s Sour Cream and Onion, FYI. 

But the supreme Sour Creamy era could be coming to an end as a new age dawns. 

The only thing is, we don’t know what this new Pringle age will be because we have absolutely no idea what the new flavour is. 


Pringles have released a legit ‘Mystery Flavour’. 

Why? Just because. 

Even the can looks like something out of a modern day Sherlock Holmes movie: 

The mystery flavour has left us feeling kinda scared but also excited. 

So naturally we made people in our office try the new chips and guess what it is:

FYI, Pringles have included the first flavour clue on the actual can. 

Time to head down to the supermarket and whip out your magnifying glass. 

We already know what the clue is and, if you’re a stickler for ruining things for yourself, we’ve included it at the very bottom of this article. 

The best part about this entire mystery (apart from justifying eating a whole can of Pringles in the name of ‘research’) is that Pringles are giving away a big cash prize of $10k to the person who successfully guesses the flavour. 

They’ll be giving out more clues too. 

Over the next 12 weeks the generous Pringles people will be updating their Facebook page with new hints.

Submit your guesses on the Pringles Mystery Flavour website by May 2019 and pray your tastebuds don’t let you down. 

CLUE NO.1: Onion. 

Images: Pringles, Giphy / Giphy. 


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