You can now order Hungry Jack’s straight to your door

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Get ready for a whopping feed 

We thought it couldn’t get any better when KFC partnered with Menulog but boy were we wrong. 

Just weeks after out favourite colonel signed with the delivery service, Hungry Jack’s has announced they’re joining in on the fun. 

The full whopping range (see what we did there?) of Hungry Jacks meals will be available to order through Menulog for delivery straight to your door. 

That includes their burgers, sides AND dessert. 

Hungry Jack's CEO Adam Parkinson said that the decision comes from “customer demand” and “will allow Australians to order Hungry Jack's from the comfort of their homes.”

Lazy cooks rejoice! 

“Our customers can expect the same high-quality experience they receive in our restaurants and drive-thrus,” Adam added. 

So we get a yummy meal MINUS the lineup? No complaints here! 

With two fast-food big names now available to order online through Menulog (KFC and Hungry Jack’s) the only stress you’ll have is what pair of stretch pants to wear to your dinner date on your couch. 

Images: Supplied, Giphy / Giphy.


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