You can now get expresso martinis in a can

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Shut up and take our money!

We live in an incredible and innovative age of alcohol consumption right now.

In just the last year or so, Golden Gaytime have made a beer and alcoholic tea is an actual thing now. Heck, Even Red Rooster is trialing alcohol deliveries with their chicken dishes, which would've been a bonkers thought a few years ago.

But all those aforementioned things pale in comparison to what Kahlua have got brewed up (no pun intended).

In a move that will undoubtedly please coffee drinkers everywhere, the popular liqueur company has launched a new range of canned expresso martinis.

Canned. Expresso. Martinis.

Not only does this mean you can have expresso martinis on the go while also bypassing the complicated mixing stage, there's some serious thinking that's gone into the can itself.

According to The Spirits Business, the can has a "smart nitrogen widget" that brings bubbles to the surface when the can is opened, thus recreating the creamy foam of a freshly made expresso martini. All you gotta do is crack open the can, pour it in a glass and wait 20 seconds for it all to set before enjoying your tasty bev.

Talk about next level alcohol technology.

At the time of writing, this Kahlua Expresso Martini in a can is only available at Ritchies Liquor Carrum Downs in Victoria. 

However, there's always a possibility that it could come to every other state so don't lose hope.

Kahlua, if you're listening, please release your new heaven-in-a-can to every Aussie state and territory!

Image: Ritchies Liquor Carrum Downs/Facebook


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