You can now buy Gelato Messina Drumsticks at the supermarket

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Images: Peters / Gelato Messina

RIP our new year's resolution health kicks - more important matters have arisen.

Luxe gelato chain Messina have announced they're launching products you can pick up from your local supermarket - yep, their ridiculously delicious ice cream is now available in the freezer section.

While we kinda love the experience of lining up outside their stores listening to fresh beats before sampling their scooped delights (and sampling about 12 other flavours first), you can't beat copping the goods straight from Woolies.

The new products are a collaboration between Messina and Peter's ice cream, who have incorporated four popular Messina flavours into the the iconic Drumstick.

Declan Lee from Gelato Messina said:

“At Messina we are always innovating, so when the idea of collaborating with Peters Drumstick came up, we were excited. We knew it would be fun to get our hands on something so familiar to Australians and put our unique twist on it.”

You can cop Mango & Salted Coconut, Vanilla Bean & Peanut Praline, Roasted Hazelnut, or personal fave Dulce de Leche - and a four-pack costs just $9.99.

The stylish boxes of heaven will be available at participating Coles, Woolies, IGA, and independent supermarkets from mid-January. That's now, right? RIGHT?

The Roasted Hazelnut and Mango & Salted Coconut flaves will be available as single Drumsticks at service stations and convenience stores too, retailing at $4.90.

Go forth and brain freeze!

Images: Peters / Gelato Messina

Written By Hayley

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