World’s Best Pizza Maker Approves Using Pineapple As A Topping And Now Fight

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Don’t @ us. 

Putting pineapple on pizza is a… sensitive topic. 

There are people who sit passionately on both sides of the dough, if you will. 

There’s the ‘authentic’ pizza lovers and then the type of people that consider frozen pizza to be genuinely yummy. 

We’re not taking a side here, but let us just say that pizza in Italy does NOT have pineapple on it. 

(Although we do admit pineapple is very tasty). 

But what if we told you the world’s best pizzaiolo, or pizza maker, approves of putting pineapple on pizza?

Franco Pepe owns Pepe, a restaurant in Grani Italy which was crowned Best Pizzeria in the world in 2017 and 2018 by 50 Top Pizza. 

Initially, Franco was just as scandalised at the thought of using pineapple as a pizza topping. 

But his mind started to change a little while he was in Hong Kong for the opening of his pizzeria Kytaly, last November.

According to the South China Morning Post, Franco began researching pineapple pizza (all he had to do was come to ‘Straya, but anyway) and came across a 2017 prank video that had an Italian pizzeria deliver margherita pizzas with pineapple slices to people in Italy. 

aka the pizza capital of the world. 

As is to be expected, people were not pleased. 

Franco saw this as a challenge to create a pineapple pizza that people ACTUALLY like. 

“We eat pineapple all the time. Why shouldn’t we use them on our pizzas?” he told the South China Morning Post

So that’s what he did: he created a pineapple pizza. 

Which is all the confirmation the world needs that pineapple as a pizza topping is a-okay. 

We gotta admit, Franco’s pineapple pizza looks pretty damn delish. Check it out

It SOUNDS even better; it’s a deep-fried pizza cone stuffed with a chunk of fresh pineapple that’s chilled and wrapped in prosciutto and then encased in grana padano (a cheese similar to parmesan). 

If that’s not enough, the pizza masterpiece is also filled with whipped milk to give it a creamy texture and topped with licorice powder (this presents a whole different bunch of questions but we’re just gonna roll with it). 

Unfortunately for pineapple lovers, the pizza is only available overseas. 

Franco is bringing his version of pineapple pizza to Kytaly in Hong Kong from April 2019. It’s already in his Italy-based restaurant Pepe. 

Who knows, maybe a restaurant closer to home will be inspired to make their own gourmet version of pineapple pizza? 

Or maybe you’ll continue to eat the frozen stuff with canned pineapple on it. 

Whatever makes you happy. 

Images: Getty, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi