Why McDonald’s won’t be at your local food court anymore

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Well this is sad!

Fairfax Media is reporting today that it’ll likely get more and more difficult to find McDonald’s at your local shopping centre food court as they shift their focus towards airports, railways and highways. Only ten per cent of McDonald’s stores are in retail centres.

It seems as though operators such as Westfield are preferring to offer higher-end offerings as they try to turn their centres into “destinations”.

Joshua Bush, leasing executive at Colliers International, told the publication:

“Big shopping centre owners want to get sexier-looking tenants. Maccas and Hungry Jacks are not seen as healthy or bespoke enough.”

“Food court space is more likely to be casual dining with a local operator like Rolld, Zeus Street Greek or Guzman y Gomez, because they’re perceived to offer healthier options.”

Retail analyst Barry Urquhart also told the publication that shopping centres are trying to “change the profile of their business with an emphasis on the shopping experience.”

He added that McDonald’s wants traffic flow and they’re more likely to go to locations where they will have constant business at all times of the day and night – a stark contrast to shopping centre locations which often only get traffic in the afternoon and early evening. Nowadays, parents are more likely to steer their children away from fast food and in the direction of healthier options.

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Written By Marni Dixit

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