Virgin Australia Axe Annoying In-Flight Feature And We’re Not Mad About It

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“This is your captain not speaking."

If you’re the kinda person who gets annoyed when your plane ride is disturbed by frequent announcements, then you’re in luck. 

Virgin Australia has been exploring cost-cutting measures after its seventh annual loss in a row, and they found a way to improve your trip that cost them nothing at all.

New chief experience officer Danielle Keighery told The Australian:

“One of the things we’ve uncovered in some of the research we’ve been doing is people get sick of hearing or being disturbed by too many announcements in flight.”

He announced that the airline is cutting down on those announcements and “reducing the number of times we interrupt people”.

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The announcement has been met with praise online, and TBH we’re pretty stoked at the prospect of sleeping off our plane wine in peace.

Written By Brynn Davies

Big Brother is watching.

The decision comes after some controversy.  

Take care of your furry friends.