An urgent recall has been issued for one of your favourite Christmas desserts

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You've probably eaten this a thousand times.

Have you ever eaten a Nanna's Family Apple Pie?

Of course you have, it's an Australian dessert staple. Heck, chances are that you'll be eating a slice of that apple goodness this Christmass.

Well folks, we have some bad news: skip the Nanna's Family Apple Pie starting immediately because there's been an urgent product recall.

In a new statement issued out by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, Patties Foods Ltd is recalling every single 600g Nanna's Apple Pie with the best before dates of 21 October 2020, and 22 October 2020, due fears of glass contamination.

The statement states that this "potential presence of glass in an ingredient used in the 600g Nanna's Apple Pie" is the result of "an equipment failure with the supplier." No other Nanna's desserts or products are affected so you're good to eat those.

For those who have a contaminated Nanna's Apple Pie, it is recommended by that "Customers should not eat this product".

Instead, what you should do is head down to Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Foodlands, and any other independent supermarkets for a full refund.

Sorry folks, it seems like Nanna's Apple Pie is off the Christmas menu for the time being.

Image Credit:  Ashley Corbin-Teich/Getty Images


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