Uber Launches ‘Quiet Mode’ So Wave Goodbye To Awkward Small Talk

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So… what time did you start?

Who’s ever had an awkward convo with their Uber driver? 

Everyone? Yep. ‘Cause we’re polite human beings and if we don’t talk it’s awkward. But also when we do talk… most of the time it’s still awkward. 

"Have you been busy today?" “What time did you start?” or “So how about cab drivers…” are the opening to the least interesting interaction you’ll both have all day.  

We've all been there, don't worry. It doesn't make you a bad person and to be honest, your Uber driver probably doesn't care whether you want to talk or not.

Well, Uber has felt the awkward silence and they want to... silence it. 

TechCrunch reports Uber is giving users its most requested feature: an in-app way to ask for minimal conversation during your ride. 

The ‘Quiet Mode’ feature is free and will be available to everyone in the US tomorrow, but only on Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides.

Users will be able to select “quiet preferred”, “happy to chat” or leave the setting at “no preference”. 

Think of all the things you could do if you didn’t have to think up conversation starters; reply to emails, nap, take a call, or just you know… relax.

There is no word about whether it will come to Australia just yet, but fingers crossed we get the feature too.

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