Twitter users are being advised to change their passwords after bug exposes them

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There's no evidence of misuse of the passwords, but you should really change yours either way!

Twitter is urging all 330 million of their users to change their passwords after a bug exposed them all in plain text. Twitter's investigation found there was no evidence that there was a breach or any misuse of the passwords, however, they're still recommending you change your Twitter password both on the site and anywhere else you may have used the password. 

According to the social media site, the problem occurred due to an issue with the hashing process that hides passwords and replaces them with a random string of characters. 

An error in the system caused the passwords to be saved in plain text instead of hiding them. Twitter found the problem themselves and removed the passwords. They're now working to ensure it doesn't happen again any time soon. 

They aren't revealing just how many passwords may have been exposed before they found and fixed the bug, however, the fact they are telling all users to change their passwords indicates it's probably a lot!

While you're at it, you should probably just change all your passwords... 

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