TikTok Video Slammed Online For Neglectful Parenting

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"I’m sorry but this is very disturbing!"

Parent shaming seems to be an increasingly popular hobby for some social media users. 

Celebrities are usually the ones copping the flack from haters, with Pink, Khloe Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen all getting flogged recently.

But it’s a couple from Russia who are being slammed for "neglecting their child" after their TikTok video went viral. 

The video shows the boy’s mum Sveta Ananas leaping into her partner's Andrei Bonor’s arms while recording a slow-motion TikTok video.

As she leaps into an aerobic embrace viewers were more occupied by the movement in the background where it seems their child tries to copy them.

Their son Gabriel, jumps from the top bunk bed, flips onto his head, handstands for a second and ends with a grin. 

Despite there being no injuries, TikTok users are giving their opinions.

One TikTok user said: “Wow! That poor kid. Parents are too self absorbed that they neglect their child."

"I’m sorry but this is very disturbing!” said another distressed Instagram user. “Yeah he jumped onto mattresses but did you see his neck still nearly break! This is irresponsible parents right there trying to get fame and hits and likes at the risk to the child injuring himself. Disgusting!"

Another wrote: “The child may have had a smile on his face but this doesn’t excuse the parents being neglectful. What if your son really injured himself? Shame on both of you."

Okay everyone, there were no injuries. Time to get back to your own lives now. 

Image: Instagram

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