There's now a new and MUCH easier way to pay for train trips

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Bye bye, Opal cards!

Let us pitch you a scenario: you're running a little late for your train and as you reach the gate, you pull out your Opal card to swipe your way through.

DING! Insufficient funds.

Frustrated, you quickly rush to the nearest recharge station to put more money on the card before swiping your way through the gate.

Alas, you're 30 seconds too late and your train has left without you, meaning that you're going to have to wait an extra 10 mins for the next one. If only your Opal card didn't need recharging then you would've made it.

It's a scenario we've all experienced in some form or another and it is extra stress we simply don't need in our day.

But thanks to the power of technology, Sydney traingoers will never have to ever worry about Opal cards ever again!

Thanks to the expansion of the contactless transport payment trail run by Transport for NSW and Commonwealth Bank, Sydney train commuters can now "tap on and off" all metro train services using their credit card or mobile device instead of their Opal card.

This contactless payment technology has been in place since July 2017, where it was trialed on the Manly F1 ferry. It has since been expanded to all public ferry and light rail services in March 2018, and now Sydney's trains will finally get this payment option.

A Sydney where public transport no longer relies on Opal cards and trips can be paid using your phone or credit card.

Just imagine a world like that. It's kinda cool, right?

It's the little things in life that make everything seem brighter, especially when one of those little things is getting rid of those annoying Opal cards (and all its associated annoyances) forever.

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