There's a global shortage of halloumi looming and people are not happy

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First it was avocados, now it's halloumi.

We may be seeing a lot less of halloumi around as there are fears of an imminent global shortage of the rubbery cheese.

The threat to supplies comes from China, which has recently taken a liking to the glorious cheese and has agreed a deal to import it from Cyprus, where it is made.

Sky News reports it will affect the halloumi industry which is already struggling to meet existing demand from countries such as Britain, the second biggest consumer outside Cyprus.

The Cyprus Mail reports farmers are also concerned.

Sky News also reports producers have already been forced to increase the proportion of cow's milk from 50% to 80% because of a limited supply of sheep and goats.

The popular cheese is usually made up of sheep's, goat's and cow's milk.

Image credit: Instagram/emporio_gourmet_nordelta


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