There's been a leak from Apple and it just revealed what we can expect from the iPhone 8

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Ermagod this is epic, we need one now.

Trust Reddit to have a leak of iOS 11 on it now giving us a lot of information on the new iPhone. 

We know it’s a leak so it may not be true BUT it was on Apple’s website under a secret URL and a lot of the top tech bloggers are reporting it. 

So what we have gathered from the leak is this:

1. There probably won’t be a 7S 

Yep we’re skipping that line this year and going straight to iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

The X is the first one of its kind which supposedly has facial recognition instead of fingerprint ID.

2. iPhone 8 is going to smash the other iPhones out of the park.

There are a heap of new camera features according to Gizmodo. Apparently there will be a new portrait lighting mode which has contour light, natural light and stage light. Yay to more perfect selfies. There are also reports Apple is introducing video with higher resolution.

3. Animated emojis. Need we say more.

For the Apple Watch fans out there the leak looks like there will be some cellular capabilities which means you can make calls from it. Omg we’re going to look like the kids off of Spy Kids. Plus they’re releasing more colours!

Image credit: Getty Images/Yiu Yu Hoi

Written By Christina Cavaleri

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