The terrifying trend hitting Australian roads

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Australian traffic jam

We really hope you do not have to fall victim to this

Wondering why you have clowns all over your newsfeed? Well it's all thanks to the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 novel ‘It’.

Creepy clowns have filled our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds and red balloons have lined our streets. 

Something else that has been making an appearance on our streets… clowns. Now if you’re one of the lucky ones then you would not have seen any, yet.

There is a group of people dressed as clowns who are walking around our streets at night terrorising pedestrians and drivers.

It’s the same group of freaky clowns who littered our streets last year.

Oh great, cool… THANKS! We really missed you… NOT.

Even though they do assure the public they are not out to scare us - in fact, it’s meant to be funny. Many are not seeing the funny side to it.

Videos went viral of people who took it upon themselves to follow the clowns and slowly this clown scare epidemic died down. However with the rise to ‘It’, the clown group, ‘Clown Purge Australia’ is returning with 20k anonymous clowns around Australia.  

They're finding very clever ways to "entertain" the public.

Although, if this was my house I don't think I would find this entertaining. 

So keep an eye out and try and remember that they are here to entertain and not scare.

Image credit: Getty/Bruce Yuanyue Bi/Robin Smith/Frank Fell/David Messent/Simon Wilkinson

Written By Christina Cavaleri

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