Telstra announces most expensive plan

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Is this the end of going over our data?

Normally, we would all run for the hills when a telco tries to sign us up for a deal that is $199. 

But Telstra has unleashed a new unlimited data deal that is for people like me, who refresh Instagram every two seconds to the detriment of my phone bill.

The stress dramatically increases when I open the bill and see I've overspent on data for the seventh consecutive month.

I tend to blame my Netflix binge addiction. Like, watching an entire season of Suits on the train to work in one week is normal, right?

The telco market is quite competitive. It was expected that Telstra would announce a new set of ‘lower priced plans’ to remain competitive with Optus and Vodafone. Instead, the telco targeted customers who have a high demand for streaming services with their new deal that provides unlimited and uncapped data.

**Hand goes up**

Speaking with, Telstra’s head honcho, Andrew Penn, said that the networks data consumption increases by 50% every year.

“With data traffic on our mobile network growing at 50 per cent year-on-year, our customers are doing more and more on their devices”

Acknowledging that we all get frustrated by capped data, the telco announced a reduction in the number of plans they are offering moving forward to make it easier for the consumer.

“We’re ending this frustration”

NOW... the question is ‘unlimited and uncapped data’ or smashed avo twice a week? 

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Written By Dan Palombi

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He is expected to appear in court on 6 November. 

It's never too soon to start prepping. 

Lesson (not) learnt.