Teeny Tiny Handbags Are The Next Big Thing And We’re Very Confused

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What is this, a handbag for ants?!


“I’m trying to find a handbag that can hold my tic-tacs and nothing else,” said no shopper ever. 

The prayers of precisely no one have been answered by the fashion Gods in Paris who have provided the world with the most ridiculously minuscule handbag we’ve ever seen. 

Grab a magnifying glass and feast your eyes:

It measures just 5.2cms in length and is smaller than a credit card. 

If we didn’t know any better we’d say it was the latest gimmicky pet accessory (for mice, hampsters or toy-sized dogs) rather than a designer bag launched at Paris fashion week. 

French label Jacquemus debuted the bag at their Paris Fashion Week show last week, featuring the item on almost every model - although many observers admitted the bags were so small they literally didn’t notice them danging off the model's pinky tips. 

Elle magazine heralded the item as the “New It Bag” before quickly admitting that it could only hold a single AirPod earphone.

Another fashion editor has suggested the bag can be used to carry “loose floss, a spare acrylic nail or a singular lock of curled hair retrieved from the head of Jude Law” circa 1999. 


The bag is a shrunken version of their already miniature "Le Chiquito" bag which retails for US $500. The brand have yet to price Le Mini Chiquito.

It’s not the first time Salon-de-Provence-born Jacquemus has blown designs way out of proportion. 

Check out this exaggerated straw hat, good for blocking out the sun and strengthening the wearer’s neck muscles:

We're interested to see if the blink-and-you'll-miss-it accessory has a lifespan as long as it is. 

Image: Instagram / @jacquemus

Written By Brynn Davies


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