Stowaway Bat Causes Airline Chaos Mid Flight

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"It's the Batmobile!"

When it comes to planes we know what to expect: the pilot, air bags, crappy food etc.

We definitely, in no circumstances, expect to find a bat flying around the cabin while we're trapped thousands of metres up in the sky.

Unfortunately for the passengers on one Spirit Airlines flight, a bat decided it needed to get to Newark, New Jersey as well. 

Videos posted on social media show members of the crew and passengers screaming, laughing and understandably freaking out over seeing the creature in the confined place. 

One even yelled: "It's the Batmobile!"

But the scariest part is that no-one has any idea where it came from. USA Today report the flight left Charlotte, North Carolina at 6am last week heading for Newark feat. the rogue flying passenger. 

The real hero of the flight was Peter Scattini who managed to lock the animal inside one of the restrooms for the majority of the flight.

Spirit Airline replied to Peter and offered him reimbursement for the flight and a $50 voucher. 

Lucky dude. Maybe he could write the next Hollywood blockbuster entitled: Bats On A Plane...

Image: Twitter / @jpscattini

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Written By Christina Cavaleri
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"May I have a $7 water?"

“I couldn’t believe the amount of ‘cheek’ I had to unwillingly view!”

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