Start preppin' Australia 'cause we're about to get some crazy weather

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It's gonna be a wild week.

It goes without saying that Australia has some crazy bouts of weather from time to time.

Well y'all better get ready because it's gonna be one of those bonkers periods this week.

According to the weather forecast (via Daily Mail), a cold front will be baring down on southern and central parts of Australia, meaning there will be thunderstorms, pouring rain, and even some bouts of snow to parts of NSW, Victoria, and South Australia.

Hey, weather, it's meant to be nearly summer in Australia not winter!

Sydney will be cloudy and hovering in the mid 20s before the possibility of wind and rain sets in on Wednesday.

Melbourne is going to have a hot start to the week with a high of 30 degrees before dropping to 26 degrees on Tuesdays. Showers and storms are set to kick in from around Wednesday until at least Sunday, with tempertures dropping into the teeth-chattering single digits.

Adelaide will initially be hot and wet as showers and temperatures up to 35 degrees are in store. Things will then be cold and wet as the rain will kick on but temps will slip to a minimum of around nine degrees and a max of 20 degrees.

On the spectrum, Brisbane and Perth are set to get nice and warm weather this whole week, with nothing more than some clouds and maximum temperatures ranging between 21 to 32 degrees.

So depending on where you are in Australia, either get those brollies or the sunscreen ready.

(And on a side note, QLD can just F-off with its nice, sunny weather while the rest of Australia puts up with rain and chilly temps).

Image: James D. Morgan/Getty Images


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