‘Singles’ Day sales’ are a thing and we know where you can snag a discount

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Being single ain’t so bad after all

For some being single is a drag while for others it's something closer to heaven. 

But no matter your attitude,  we have some good news for all the single peeps out there: there’s a special day where special online sales are offered for your special selves. 

Every November 11 some of the best retailers around offer discounts in celebration of the Chinese festival known as Singles’ Day. 

The festival is typically popular among young Chinese people and celebrates their pride in being single. 

But it seems more mainstream outlets are catching on to the celebrations. 

Retailers offering the goods this year include Mon Purse, General Pants and Peter Alexander

For a full list of brands and sales check out this page. 

Make sure you get in fast because all sales end midnight Sunday 11 November. 

Who needs a soulmate when you have online shopping? 


Images: Paramount Pictures / Clueless, Giphy / Giphy. 


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