Rogue Penguins Break Into Sushi Shop Despite Being Wanted By Police

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Rebels with a cause. 

Sushi is the love of my life. Right up there with Nutella, mango chutney and freshly baked bread. 

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So when I heard about the penguins that broke into a New Zealand sushi shop I knew they had to be me in a past/future life because it’s something I would totally do. If it wasn’t, you know, illegal. 

The penguins broke into a sushi stand in Wellington harbour not once but twice.

New Zealand police removed the pair of "waddling vagrants” from a sushi stand early Monday morning, before returning later in the day to deal with the penguins for a second time. 

The officers were not impressed with the fluffy vigilantes who showed a complete disregarded for police authority. 

Meanwhile, they’re my new heroes. I normally wouldn’t celebrate breaking the law, but if anything is worth a little risk it’s sushi. 

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Images: Madagascar, Giphy / Giphy. 

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Written By Krisinda Merhi