Finally! Apple releases its long-awaited redhead emoji

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Redheads, it's time to celebrate (and text)!

After teasing Apple device owners everywhere a few weeks ago with its massive iOS 12.1 emoji reveal, the long-awaited software update is finally here.

But while the handy new features - like the group FaceTime function - are great and all, everything pales in comparision to the most important addition of all: redheaded emojis!

Sure there are new lobster and kangaroo emojis, but after years of being forgotten by Apple's emoji makers, redheads are finally getting some of the recognition they've been missing out on in the smartphone messaging space.

No longer will lion, fox, unicorn, or fire emojis be used to represent ginger-haired people!

To get your mitts on these flaming new redhead emojis, simply download the new iOS 12.1 update and install it onto your Apple device.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have many years of spamming redhead emojis to catch up on.

Images: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone/Warner Bros. Pictures


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Written By Alexander Pan