The record breaking egg is worth $13 million and apparently this is the world now

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Not with a whimper but a picture of an egg - T.S. Eliot

Do you know where you were when the world changed on 14 January 2019?

Were you still enjoying hols and kicking back in some AC?

Or maybe you were back at work and kicking back in some AC?

Either way, we're sure you would have noticed the change that slid over the world like a murky patina, creeping fog or insidious, gradual weight gain during that first year of uni.

It was The Egg.

Okay, okay. Enough drama. We'll cut to the quick. Basically, the @world_record_egg shattered Instagram's record for most liked image (previously held by Kylie Jenner feat. Stormi) on this day - thanks to an anon Londoner participating in Dry January.

After a thorough and bizarre dethroning, the egg rose from its humble beginning as a stock image, becoming a record holder and then...

... it started cracking.

And you know what that means?

The Atlantic report that every viral moment is now seen as a "branding opportunity" so the world record egg is not only fair game for advertisers, but worth a whole lot. 

“Being the first brand to crack out of the egg is worth at least $10 million [$13.8million AUD],” Nik Sharma, the head of the digital agency VaynerMedia’s direct-to-consumer business told the publication. Sharma added that he would even advise clients “to spend on the egg instead of the Super Bowl.”

The Atlantic went on to report that the opportunity to collaborate with The Egg has already been put forward by agency Jerry Media (owners and creators with @fuckjerry) to lobbying group Need to Impeach.

The idea, which involved the words 'Impeach Trump' hatching from the image, was eventually turned down citing the interesting and crazy angle but ultimately only liking it for "noncommercial reasons".

For those keeping track, the egg account has already sold something: a themed t-shirt but donated 10 per cent of the proceeds to three charities: YoungMinds, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and the Campaign Against Living Miserably.

The only questions that remain are:

  • Will the egg wait for an advertiser to crack?
  • Will it go down the non-profit route?
  • Or will it sit idly by plaguing us with existentialism until we give up and turn our attention elsewhere.

Maybe a potato? IDK.

Image: Instagram / @world_record_egg

Written By Ally Parker

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