PSA: You can twin up with your doggo and live your best life

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Final form achieved.

Hey friend.

Do you love your dog but feel like something is missing? Something that represents your I'll-go-if-my-dog-can-come ode to life?

Got you.

Or rather, Pablo & Co. got you.

Offering up super stylish button-downs for you and your pet, Pablo & Co. is the classy answer to all your problems with dapper - and matchy-watchy - gear.



Not to be outdone, the brand also have adjustable harnesses, collars and leashes.

And yes, a Christmas collection:

Image: Pablo & Co


Ali Oetjen tells us how many guys she pashes on The Bachelorette:

Written By Ally Parker
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Woolworths were forced to impose a new limit on buying baby formula after a shocking video went viral.

Best keep plaster walls and F1 cars away from him for a little bit.

Images: Coca-Cola Australia

This could either be amazing or a legit health hazard.