PSA: Everyone is going crazy over this hidden iPhone hack

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Wish we’d known this sooner. 

Calling all past, present and future iPhone users – the world just discovered this ultimate hack that will blow your mind.

Or not, but whatevs we’re just being kind and letting you know.

Turns out, composing a text message on the iPhone didn’t need to be so difficult ‘cause get this – if you click and hold the space bar, the cursor can be moved without you having to squint and use your thumb like a nitwit.

Mind-blown? Us too, don’t cha worry.

The eye-opening hack was found by US food blogger Krissy Brierre-Davis, who tweeted her discovery after she tried to type a text message:

If you feel like you've lost time and wasted precious brain cells, you're not alone: 

Thanks, Apple for being hella pricey AND sneaky! 

Image: Getty / Sean Gallup


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