This Picture Proves Why Shopping For Jeans Is The Absolute Worst

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It’s a conspiracy!

ou know the story: 

Girl goes shopping. 

Girl sees a pair of jeans she LOVES. 

Girl decides to try jeans on. 

Jeans do not fit girl. 

Girl has breakdown in the change room. 

Girl gives up on shopping and decides to go home, vowing to never try on another pair of jeans again. 


Shopping for jeans is soul-destroying. It takes you to a deep dark place which isn’t any fun for you, your friends or your hips. 

Jeans that fit you on your waist never fit you on the bum, and let’s not even talk about super high-waisted styles (MY CROTCH SHOULD NOT FEEL LIKE THIS). 

We’ve got PTSD just thinking about it. 

Jeans = no bueno. 

Jean sizing = molto no bueno (that’s Engrish for very not good). 

Finding the perfect fit is impossible because sizes between styles and brands are confusing and insanely inconsistent. 

Exhibit A:



What did we do to deserve this??????

Chloe, who tweeted the above, also shared that the bottom pair of jeans fit her perfectly while the second pair from the top are too small – even though they look bigger.

Naturally, Chloe’s inspired other women to share their horror stories. And they’re terrifying. 

Sweet dreams, ladies. 

If you ever need a change room hug we gotchu. 

Images: Chloemmx / Twitter, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi

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