Passenger's Simple Mistake With Phone Cost A Very Uncool $300

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Just in case you thought flying was already a tad pricey, it turns out one simple mistake could cost you a whole bunch more.

The Financial Review report that one traveller wound up paying $300 after forgetting to turn his phone to flight mode, incurring accidental data charges.

The Aer Lingus passenger placed his phone in the overhead locker, not realising he hadn’t switched modes. The device then connected to in-flight network Aeromobile, which can be quite xx-ey as it applies international roaming rates.

An Aer Lingus spokesperson told Financial Review that airline crew advise passengers to put their phones on aeroplane mode as it could “connect to the in-flight roaming network and the guest will be billed by their home operator for any usage”.

Aeromobile is used on a number of carriers, including Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Lufthansa - who warn passengers of this on their website.

Virgin Atlantic's warning reads: “The charges are almost the same as they would be if you were roaming from another country. The calls and texts will just be added to your mobile bill after you’ve flown.”

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