The new Snapchat update has everyone freaking out

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WTF Snapchat!?!

When you open your Snapchat you’re going to be surprised, and not in a good way.

It has completely changed and without you even asking (what is up with that? If we want to update we will click the update button, don’t automatically do it!)

Anyway, Snapchat’s latest app update already has users calling for it to be reversed.


The Stories page – where you would go to see photos and videos from friends, available for 24 hours - has completely disappeared. Literally nowhere to be seen.

Instead, both Stories from friends and personal content live together on the same page. So confusing! 

Everyone is freaking out.

Head over to the Discover page in with all the news stories there is a random mix of popular stories thrown in e.g. KendalL Jenner and other celebs you have subscribed to.

Reports say the new update is to try and help Snapchat get back on the incline because the app didn’t see any growth after the Discover and Snap Maps feature were brought in.


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