New Laws Concerning Pets In Cars Could Land Offenders In Jail And Fined Thousands

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Take care of your furry friends. 

Road rules aren’t just made to take care of the people driving and riding in cars; they’re also there to protect our animal friends. 

Now, the Queensland state government wants to crack down on people who leave their dog in a hot car and we’re all over here like:

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Offenders who leave their pooch unattended could face jail time and  tens of thousands of dollars in fines under changes to the law.

The state government even wants to press charges of animal cruelty in cases where the floof may be harmed or their owner has breached their duty of care, even in cases where the animal didn’t suffer heat stress.

Agricultural Industry Development Minister Mark Furner told 

“Everyone should be at their best in recognising what the welfare of an animal is, particularly in a car that’s locked up, or with the window partially down.

“[It] can result in extreme conditions for that animal in a short period of time.”

Amending the existing duty of care rules will explicitly mention the handling of an animal, including confining or transporting it in a car.

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The amended animal cruelty offence will carry a maximum $266,900 fine or up to three years in jail.

We’re learning about new rules all the time, like the fact that you can be fined for drinking coffee on your commute, paying with your phone in a drive-thru, or having fluffy dice in your back window.

We're 110% behind laws which keep our fur babies safe.

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