New FaceTime bug allows callers to eavesdrop on your convos

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BRB, throwing my phone off a cliff

No, you’re not crazy - it turns out that your phone has been spying on you all along. 

Sweet, sweet vindication. 

Before you freak out – it’s only iPhones that are affected, so all non-iPhone users can take a breath. 

You see, it’s been discovered that a 'privacy intrusion bug' in FaceTime allows callers to eavesdrop through the receiver’s microphone– regardless of whether they pick up or not. 

All a caller must do to get access to someone’s live audio is call them through FaceTime, then add themselves via the Group FaceTime feature. From then on, they can hear the person they’re calling, even if they didn’t pick up. 

Callers can even then see through receiver’s camera, if the receiver presses any of the volume buttons while their phone is ringing. 

On Monday night Apple said that they had disabled the feature causing the glitch, Group FaceTime. 

"We're aware of the issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week".

This has also all come to light in the wake of another Apple eavesdropping “hack” that users have found. 

With the advent of a feature intended for hearing-impaired users, Live Listen allows air pod users to listen to audio in real time, their phone amplifying their surroundings.


This means that anyone with the latest iOS and air pods could switch on Live Listen, pop in their air pods, slyly leave their phone on the table and walk away. Yet they’d hear EVERYTHING.  

We’re both impressed, and scared. 

Whilst we don’t have a solution for any air pod eavesdroppers (apart from just, y’know, not talking behind people’s backs) we have a super simple one for the FaceTime dilemma. 

All you have to do is go into your settings, scroll down to Facetime – then just turn it off. 

Or y’know, you could always go the more destructive route. Your call. 

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