New Facebook Feature Lets Friends Post From Your Account

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Who approved this??

Remember the days when you would leave your phone unattended and your friends would ‘hack’ your Facebook account with a stupid status about your love for llamas? 

Well, that could become the new normal because Facebook has rolled out a feature which lets friends post from you account. 

Yes, seriously. 

The feature is called ‘Birthday Stories’ and will let your buddies post whatever they want onto your story on your birthday. Embarrassing memories and pictures included. 

“Birthday stories is a new type of story where friends, family, and everyone in your community can add digital birthday cards, photos or videos to a story to celebrate your birthday,” Facebook said in a release. 

“The result is a ‘happy birthday message’ that’s visual, memorable, interactive, and fun; it’s like getting a personalised birthday card from everyone you care about, no matter where they are in the world.”


Or it means you get to spend your birthday feeling like people are invading your personal privacy and posting content you don’t have any control over. But yeah…

The silver lining is friends will only have the ability to post on our story ONCE a year. And we’re sure there'd be some kind of way for us to delete what’s uploaded. 

Still sucks though. 

Happy pre-birthday. 

Images: Facebook, Giphy / Giphy. 


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Written By Krisinda Merhi