Mum Made Her Son A Kmart ‘Relaxation Station’, If Ya Know What We Mean

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Tissues + moisturiser  = ;) 

There comes a time in every teenager’s life when they get certain... urges. 

It’s a confusing and wonderful time; and also a time in which you must hide particular behaviours from your parents at all costs. 

For guys, the hiding part isn’t so easy. How exactly does one disappear piles of dirty tissues when you don’t have a cold? 

Will your parents believe you have a cold? You need them to take off makeup? You find crumpling tissues relaxing? 

Masking your secret dingaling fiddling is stressful. 

But one Aussie boy has hit the jackpot with his mum who made him this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ‘relaxation station’.

*cough* wank bank *cough

The mum shared the photo on a Facebook group for Kmart fans explaining that her teenage son needed tissues for his runny nose and cream for his dry hands. 

‘DRY HANDS’. Sure. 

“I love this hack! I just bought a Kmart soap dispenser and bathroom tray (show on Kmart bedside table) to use as my teenage son’s relaxation station,” she wrote in the post. 

“He likes to watch internet TV in bed and he has a chronic runny nose (tissue for days — I think it’s the aircon!), and he had problems with dry skin and goes through heaps of hand cream.”

In case you’re wondering (you’re probably not but it’s hilarious so we need to share, the pump bottle doesn’t have just any old moisturiser in it. According to the mum’s post it’s filled with Sorbolene, which is odourless and non-irritating. 

Other people in the Facebook group tried to highlight the mum’s, uh, ‘mistake’.

“Oh goodness, that aint snot in the tissue babe,” one user wrote. 

“What an amazing idea to disguise the masturbation station,” another said.

“Sounds like a teenage boy, tissues, hand lotion, Ummmm,” someone else commented. 

“It aint his nose on his face that’s runny.”

Not everyone is convinced the mum was being genuine, with some calling it out as a prank. 

Others rallied behind the innocent mum, praising the idea as “very thoughtful.” 

“This is what all our sons need in their rooms,” one mum agreed.


Images: American Pie / Universal Pictures. 


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