This app erases your ex out of photos

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Images: Krome Studio

Relive your romantic holiday photos without the burdensome presence of your now ex!

A new app promises to erase a selected person from your happy snaps, essentially rewriting history and washing your hands clean of the revolting memory of They Who Shall Not Be Named.

It's called Krome - and it can also be used to swap out ugly backgrounds for something a little more atmospheric.

Images: Krome Studio

It's not coded trickery, however - you pay the app between $3 and $12 and the Krome team will manually edit your pic to your specifications, returning the new and improved version within 24 hours.

Eduardo Llach, founder and CEO of Krome Photos, told Cosmopolitan:

"In the old days our car or our house represented who we were.

"Now, your online persona is everything and people are realising that photos give you the ability to create whoever you want to be."

That doesn't sound problematic at all!

Try it for yourself here.

Images: Krome Studio

Written By Hayley

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