MLA lamb ad tries to avoid another year of political roasting by roasting politics!

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This is just too good.

It seems that every time Meat & Livestock Australia bring out a new lamb commercial they come under scrutiny for being politically incorrect or offending someone about something.

Well their recent advertisement is a fight back at the years of negativity, and lets just say, it's hilarious.

For starters, the commercial is a musical - MASSIVE A+ from us here and second of all it’s a jab at the right wing, left wing and the fence sitters. At only the 11th day into the new year, pretty sure they’re already in the running to have the most trending thing this year. 

From equality issues to global warming to political correctness, the commercial covers everything that has been a hot topic in politics over the past year.

But the competing sides are brought together by the classic Aussie BBQ lamb feast, and a little reminder about the beautiful things our country has.

The overall message is to basically never eat lamb alone, the perfect take on a Sunday BBQ. There truly is no better way to eat than to eat with everyone. We could not stop smiling throughout the whole commercial.

Haven't seen it yet? Watch it below, you'll want to take a few minutes out of your day for it.

Written By Christina Cavaleri

“Police are currently conducting a safety check in Melbourne.”

Elliot? Is that you?

Not again!