Melbourne could be getting a flying Uber service

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Why drive when you can FLY?

Because the world (*cough* Melbourne *cough*) isn’t already #extra enough, Uber has decided to take things up a notch. 

Or take thing up into the sky. 

In October 2016 Uber revealed plans for its Elevate project which would see them develop a network of electric aircrafts that could take off and land vertically, ideal for congested city zones.

Think of them as giant drones which you can ride in.

Well, Melbourne could be one of the first cities to test this fancy service. 

According to 7News Uber executives have arrived in Aus to discuss the possibility with our government and explore how our cities could handle the system. 

Eric Allison, Uber's Head of Aviation, told 7News that with rapidly growing populations in Sydney and Melbourne, "We see that there is a clear need for this type of service."

But how does the whole flying Uber thing work?

Pretty much how normal Uber works now. 

You would use the app to book a ride to the nearest rooftop ‘Skyport’ where you can then catch a flight (just casually) to where you need to go. 

“The button press will orchestrate you a car to get to the sky port and then to take you away from the sky port to get you to your final destination," Allison explained to 7News.

According to Uber, using the service could cut your trip to Melbourne Airport tenfold: from the average 55 minutes to just 5 minutes.  

Your bank account won’t suffer for it either–  the flights would apparently cost no more than an Uber X.

So sit back and chillax as you pass over all that pesky city traffic. 

The future is now and we're gonna be living in it. 

Images:  Pickard Chilton / Uber , Giphy / Giphy


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