Marie Kondo Your Life With Aldi’s New Organisation Range

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You bet this sparks joy! 


We love Aldi and we love Marie Kondo. 

The day Marie Kondo collaborates with Aldi is the day we will (probably) cheat on Kmart.

Until that day all we got is Aldi's upcoming range of organisation items. 

Aldi Australia’s new Special Buys range includes a bunch of homewares designed to inspire you to de-clutter your life. 

Even if you don’t have clutter they will make you want to de-clutter your life, that’s how good they are. 

Just check out these beautiful colourful Tupperware containers

Perfectly colour-coordinated. Perfectly stackable. 

Too lazy to walk to the cupboard to get what you need while cooking? Aldi’s got you covered with this super chic butcher trolley

Only $69 (lol 69) and a totally justifiable purchase. 

Let’s talk about cutlery draws. 

Specifically how they always seem to be full to the brim even when you swear you only own five forks and one serrated knife. 

Well Aldi have answered our desperate prayers and included an EXPANDABLE cutlery draw in the new range. 

It’s made of a light bamboo which means it’s aesthetically pleasing AND practical. 

Not to mention its $4 cheaper than the Kmart version (we love Kmart but Aldi’s got them beat on this one). 

The range also includes a dish rack, stacking pantry storage with WHEELS, fridge organisers and an assorted package of home organisers including hanging baskets. Oh and some shmick stainless steel appliances like this very adult microwave: 

If only Marie Kondo could see! 

The full range goes on sale on Wednesday 27 February. Check it out here and prepare to say goodbye to your kitchen clutter forever. 

Or at least until you give up on being neat. 

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