Maccas Trialling Brand New Burger In Australia

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We're keen tbh.

Maccas has been treating us well lately.

Now, that's not to say they've been doing us dirty every other day (drive-thru coffee, hello!) but, like... we're just really feeling the love.

'Cause yesterday they announced the return of their Wagyu Beef Burger and today?

An Australia-only McVeggie Burger trial.

The burg' will be trialled in South Australia only, for the time being, and will be available after 10:30am for a limited time only.

The McVeggie features a crumb-coated patty comprised of a mixed vegetable blend of potato, peas, corn, carrot and onion with cheese, herbs and spices on the classic sesame bun.

The introduction comes after the chain bestowed vegan 'chicken' nuggets in Norway and vegan burger in Finland to much applause.

Image: Pexels

Written By Ally Parker

Today is a good day. 


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