Ladybug Swarm So Ginormous It Appeared On A Weather Radar

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Oh lawdy she comin'.

Forget birds, locusts and flies 'cause there's a new flying terror sure to freak you to your core.

The ladybug.

There's nary a soul who hasn't spied a single ladybug, it turns out these guys can - and will - travel en masse.

Just how en masse?


The National Weather Service in San Diego has tweeted an image of what appeared to be rain clouds passing over the Southern California region.

Only thing is, it was actually 130 kilometres-worth of ladybugs.

The bloom - as they’re called when travelling in a pack - was a massive 130 kilometres wide and 130 metres long and flying up to 2.7 kilometres above the ground.

So, long story short, ladybugs are not to be underestimated.

And we're never going to San Diego or its surrounds. 

Written By Ally Parker
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