Kmart Launches New '$10 And Under' Range To Satiate Your Inner Cheapo

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Ain’t nothing wrong with a bargain. 

Any skeptics out there wondering why people love Kmart so much? 

Well, here’s your answer in for words: $10. And. Under. Range. 

Because that probably explains nothing, let us explain. Kmart has released a new range of items, from clothes to homewares, that are $10 and under. 

They’re far from the poor quality sort of stuff you’d expect to find in a bargain store. They’re stylish, aesthetically appealing and just generally cute AF (as are a lot of Kmart’s products) so, naturally, we need them all. 

The range also includes cake tins for $3 each, kitchen appliances for $7.50 (not even joking), and a set of six wine glasses for $10. 

Shopping at Kmart hardly broke the bank before, but this range is a whole new ball game. You can buy adult stuff without needing an adult budget and we can HEAR our bank balance taking a sigh of relief. 

I can also hear my couch begging me to buy this white tassel pillow to complete my living room: 

And that, dear friends, is why we love Kmart. 

Check out the full $10 and under catalogue here

Images: Getty, Kmart Australia, Giphy / Giphy.


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